In the beginning..

I figured I would write a little diddy about us and our love story. Give you, the reader, some context and maybe not bore you to death with details. I’ll keep it sweet.

Justin Kingsford Smith is, my hardworking, slow moving, half Australian husband who met my sister/bff on OkCupid and exchanged a few messages before she kindly set us up. I can’t believe I was ever embarrassed our story started out that way because now I realize its modern day story telling gold. We texted each other and set up a date at a brewery/pizzeria in an old firehouse. He walked in and waved at me at the bar where I sat with my friend/safety net, Hannah. I recognized him from my sisters phone, she had shown me his dating profile and excitedly bragged about his self proclamations “I own my own painting company… i’m an aspiring firefighter…I surf” I actually thought his photo wearing a sweat band taking a selfie in a public restroom was puke worthy and vowed to not let HER date him. Ha!

So, it was pouring out, he was drenched and his thinning blonde shoulder length hair was soaked and stringy. He was wearing a well loved rugby shirt which stood out amongst the hipster crowd and made me instantly label him”jock” which was appropriate as he confessed he played rugby and tennis in college.

His confidence was so intense it felt almost violating but I’m apparently into that. I knew he was different than anyone I’d dated. He was so sure of himself and his convictions, of who he was and what he wanted. I was on a date with a man.

He drove me home in his Nissan pickup from the 90’s, black with a teal stripe. The passenger side door didn’t close properly unless you gave it a good slam, which he did, across my lap. I still remember the feeling that gave me, being taken care of by this strong mystery. He kissed me goodnight, quickly and slowly at the same time.

A month later he asked me to be his girlfriend on July 4th, 2012 on his parents roof where we had a pretty good view of the Philadelphia fireworks. I felt nervous excitement which was funny to me at the time because I hadn’t felt that “since I was young.” In retrospect I was still a baby.

It didn’t take long for us to talk kids, marriage, where to settle down, etc. After a quick visit to Charleston we fell hard for the palms and the sea breeze and the shiny happy people. We offically moved to Charleston for Justins’ firefighting position in August 2013.

The rest i’ll save for another coffee fueled morning…

xo Val

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